July 8

Sunderland Point Set One

Today I took myself off to Sunderland Point, a small peninsula that juts out into Morecambe Bay not far from Heysham. This shoot felt quite pivotal. It was my first real photoshoot away from my home territory that I’d planned since lockdown so was a kind of homecoming for me.

I chose to get locked down again, unconsciously, as the tide soon cut off all vehicular access after my arrival so I had to remain on the Point for much of the day. It did feel as if I was addressing the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ that has been afflicting me as I try to find my way back into my freedoms.

This first set was shot as the tide rose, slowly and insidiously towards me. Was this symbolic of the lockdown for me? Was I to expect a similar symbol of release as the tide retreated? Maybe…

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