This is a scrapbook of my photographic process.

On this page you'll find my work in its raw, unfinished form, entered very much as I shoot without too much thought for presentation or processing. Or perhaps I will have applied some styling to see which way the work needs to progress.

I'm presenting my work to you in this way so that you can easily see my thought processes, my wins and fails and the slow evolution of my creations into bodies of work.

My goal moving forward (October 2021) is to add more of the back story to my shoots here and to encourage you in some small way to return here often to check on what I'm up to.

To see final pieces please see the 'Projects' tab in the menu above.

Although do note that the Projects area of this website is currently undergoing a review and a restyle.

I believe it's important that photography needs to result in 'something'. Although I understand the therapeutic aspects of the process and that the journey into photography can be very much not about the end product, for me, seeing a collection of images become 'real' is a worthy goal.

This can be in one of many forms as you'll see from your browsing here.

Perhaps this harks back to my decades as an editorial photographer. If you have thoughts on this please do let me know.

From Idea to Reality
Murmuration attack
The Blood, Skin and Bones of the Land
Slowly getting there…
Rock and Roil
Woodwell Haibun
A morning at Jack Scout
Cirque de Moureze
Black Beach Six
Black Beach Five
The Mirage
Black Beach Four
Black Beach 3
Black Beach Two
Black Beach One
Storm Sky
Meeting the Beach
Black Wood
Cockersands Sunset
Cockersands Mudflats
A clean pair of heels

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