July 8

Sunderland Point Two

Once I knew my van was safe, and not semi-submerged by the rise of the tide I could focus once more on the task in hand and ventured around the entirety of the Point seeing what stories the land had to share with me.

One small area caught me. I’m not sure of the species but perhaps it’s a seagrass. The sparse groupings, when combined with a long exposure of around 5 seconds portrayed the spikiness which contrasted well with the flow of the sand patterns caused by the tides. Perhaps this was somehow representative of my blocks with coming out of lockdown.

I do feel that exploring our emotions and responses through photography can be a real source of growth and realisation so I do take note of the message of this set of images as I continue to push against my (now) self imposed boundaries.

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  1. These are truly beautiful, they echo your thoughts on exploring your own feelings of isolation and emergence. They speak volumes and I am so glad you enjoyed your time at Sunderland Point, its a really special place for me. It reminds me of the feeling I get in the desert, held by nature and totally aware of her presence.

    1. Thank you Anne. Sunderland Point has always been special to me and, although I don’t visit often, we always have a good heartfelt conversation and ‘sort stuff out.’

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