This is a gallery of my personal projects, all of which are presented either as a completed set or as an ongoing body of work.

Each project can take anywhere between a few minutes and many months, or even longer, to complete.

I usually work on two or three projects at a time and swing between them depending on the weather, my state of mind and of course the season.

Occasionally a project may be parked for a year if I run out of time. Moss Erotica is an example of this. I find I can only get the shots I want during a very narrow calendar window so must wait for the wheel of the year to turn to revisit and grow my project.

To see my images which aren’t part of a project please visit the ‘journal’ tab in the menu bar where you’ll find a growing repository of experimental, often random collections of shots, some of which I now view as failures, or more accurately stepping stones to new ways of seeing.