February 15

#outland near Silloth

silloth-12Due to the floods and storms I made the decision not to venture near the Cumbrian coastline for a short while. Although I was very tempted by the thought of rough weather, stormy seas and the resultant moody monochromes I chose not to add yet another vehicle to the already struggling infrastructure. Whether this was the right move for my project I’ll never know, however I’ve now stepped fully back into #outland and can see the end in sight.

From this heady vantage point, under the watchful gaze of the Scottish Borders I note the deep change that’s occurred in my work since that morning when I left for Lytham St Annes all those moons ago. This transformation is only a reflection of what’s happening within me of course and I’ll be doing my best to hold onto the subtle changes of attitude, connection and approach as the months roll on.

Last week I picked up the snaking mottled thread of the project at The Saltpans, just south of Allonby, and trekked a line in the sand as far north as Grune Point where a murmuration of starlings saluted my visit, well at least they ‘annointed’ me with their droppings as they danced overhead!

Here’s a small selection of theĀ  images, a mix of monochrome and colour, taken on that trip. It wasn’t the easiest of visits. Where I was convinced I’d be gifted amazing shots I was to be disappointed and vice versa.













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