March 10

#outland murmuration

Late in February, as my outland project drew to a close I was treated to an amazing natural spectacle. Walking back from the very end of Grune Point as dusk fell I noticed a massing of starlings over the village, perhaps a mile away.

Recalling the vast amounts of bird droppings I’d seen on the lanes I hurriedly made my way back to the trees that were obviously a roosting site. The foreground wasn’t the best but the show was ace!

Here’s a 2 minute clip of the event, captured using the 5DSR on the run.

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  1. A truly mesmerizing happening. Beautiful!

    I don’t think the flocks in North America come anywhere near that in volume. What a sight to see.

    1. It was amazing Karen. Thank you for your comment.
      I’ve never seen such a large flock before however from what I know it the gatherings can be much, much bigger. The air was filled with the thrum of their wings.

  2. Seen this in Rome back in the 1980s and 1990s by the central station Termini, not sure if this is still the case today. The forecourt is a massive bus interchange full of stone oak trees, which at some point (I forget the exact time of year), fill with countless birds that take to the sky to perform great spectacles just as in your video. And yes, the bus interchange is also littered with bird droppings! It’s not what you expect in the centre of a great city, if anything it is a fascinating contrast as nature dances weightlessly above while people trudge in commuter drudgery below.

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