August 17

Irish Raven

Here's a small gallery of images taken of a raven on the cliffs of Ireland. It was an unexpected shoot that quite took me by surprise. We were visiting the cliffs at the top of Ireland and I noted this individual waiting for food from the tourists who had walked up to enjoy the expansive views.

As it happened it was a white out for most of the visit which really helped focus attention on the bird. For once a white sky worked for me.

My wife soon worked out that this raven would do anything for a piece of sausage! And I capitalised on this by telling her exactly where I'd like it to land for me. We could even have it follow a pre-arranged flight path.

Focusing was an issue as the bird arrived much to quickly for the autofocus to function with the required degree of accuracy so I had to use the old method of prefocusing and crossing my fingers.

It was all over within ten minutes as the raven's partner spotted him and gave him a good thrashing for stashing his sausage hoard rather than sharing it!


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