August 20

Yewbarrow Scar

I read about this place whilst on holiday in Ireland and was surprised that I hadn’t come across it before. The writer waxed lyrical about the nature of the place and its strange landscape. Naturally I couldn’t wait to visit on my return.

It wasn’t the easiest place to find, to reach or indeed to work as it was quite hidden up a steep slope on the southern reaches of Cumbria. Maybe I wasn’t in the right place. Perhaps I had the wrong expectations, but for whatever reason I really struggled to find my way in to the landscape here.

This really does reinforce for me the importance of knowing a place. After a photographically disappointing trip to Ireland (my fault) I thought this small wilderness practically on my doorstep would welcome me and was surprised to sense my detachment.

I did my best in the afternoon I had here but know that there’s much more magic awaiting the right photographer here, or maybe even for me when I get in the right mood!

As the afternoon wore on I took the chance to play with a small group of birch trees to see what I could see.

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