August 16

A visit to Ireland

This was my first trip to Ireland in a long while and was more of a holiday than a shooting trip. Nicola and I were much in need of a break and were determined to make this trip agenda free.

We camped on three different sites spread across Donegal and Sligo, beginning with a short foray into the central regions. I took surprisingly few photos to be honest, the land whilst attractive was quite closed off. This made me realise how blessed we are with access rights here in mainland UK.

To all intents and purposes there are virtually no footpaths apart from the occasional designated route to a viewpoint which will invariably be busy. We did find one path that took us on a winding route around field edges however we were routed between two electrified fences!

These shots were taken on the coast after I’d asked access permission and are the result of my most enjoyable shooting time during the trip. I had about an hour before the rain obscured the view

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