August 5

Full Circle

woodwellI sense myself at a bit of a creative crossroads. I need a change. I need TO change, to return to what I once was rather than what I think I need to be. I’ve had a quarter of a century shooting mainly for others and whilst it has been fun it has done little for my creativity. I feel that I’m taking control again, or rather letting go of the control and beginning to shoot for me. For the artist within.

The mission statement on my website is ‘reconnecting with nature through the craft of photography’ and really does sum up what I want to do, who I want to be. Yes, nature has given me so much, she has held me in times of difficulty and gifted me inspiration again and again. Lately though I’ve felt a certain disconnect and I need to get to the bottom of it. So I’m going to give myself permission to shoot for me, not exclusively, but certainly mainly.

thornwick1Of course I am still accepting many of the commissions that I’m offered as I make this transition and may well continue to do so, however I’ve been toying with the idea of letting go of the title ‘professional photographer’ which I’ve jealously guarded and worn as a badge of worth for all of my adult life. I want to co-create with nature, to co-create with others.

The camera is my tool as is my Mac but merely recording what I see may no longer be enough. I’m toying with ‘photo artist’ as a descriptor for me, if indeed I need one. Documenting the natural world is no longer fulfilling me, I want to communicate the connection to my viewers.

I’m going to play with monochromes more, to composite images together more, to explore different ratios, formats and media. I sense a tiny glimmer of excitement again in my belly that may one day overwhelm the apprehension that often ties knots around my creativity.

This is going to be an interesting year, let’s see where it takes me. Take a look at my latest gallery here and to follow my work in near real time ‘like’ my page over here on Facebook.

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  1. it may take you to another place where you were in another time, which also runs concurrent with this time x

  2. Well you know we have both talked about this for both our styles of image capturing and now I believe what has to happen first is that spark of imagination in our minds that helps us to visualise the scene before we have even taken it. The best images I have yet to take are in my head right now floating around just waiting for that moment, I hope that is what you are experiencing and feeling at present as well at this moment in time.

    1. Thank you Steve. Yes, I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities appearing now. My mind often tends to work in a different way, with the framework, conception and inspiration for a shot only being birthed when I’m out there on the land. So that’s where I need to be more often. I feel a venture onto Anglezarke Moors coming on…

  3. Follow your heart Jason, the results will be beautiful and inspiring for us whatever way you now decide to go, of that much I am certain. Enjoy….blessings and good luck to you xx

  4. You bring to mind a wonderful autumn themed centre piece that you created with your partner for a talk at Chapel Street some time ago – maybe creating ‘art’ is there in your repertoire.

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