November 1

Elter Water


Yesterday I spent a few hours location scouting around the Windermere catchment area in preparation for creating content for a slideshow presentation that I’ve been commissioned to produce and present.

Apart from family days out Windermere is one of those places that I usually avoid in my search for wildness. However this particular assignment is forcing me to search around the edges of this popular tourist destination for quiet corners and hidden nature.

I’d forgotten it was half-term holiday week so the place was heaving yesterday. Even in the rain the audio of my video clips was ruined by the noise of tourists shouting. The soundtrack on the below video is courtesy of Final Cut Pro.

Despite the rain (and the crowds) I had an enjoyable couple of hours and finally nailed the plan for the show that I’m now working on. I present it in Windermere early in December and am keen to produce it with all new content. I have a busy November ahead of me!

Rain really does make the Lake District countryside shine.

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