November 3

Organic Pig Farm

running pigletsThis was an important shoot for my client. This particular issue of Country Life was being edited by HRH Prince Charles so they wanted the very best possible shots of these outdoor reared organic piglets. The window of opportunity for the shoot was one day.

One very rainy day. I was full of trepidation as I approached the shoot. Mud, bad tempered piglets, a wet farmer and a very fussy photographer could make for an interesting time to say the least. Fortunately the farm owner was really up for it and didn’t mind having to spend a few hours chasing piglets around for me.

The piglets were surprisingly swift and nimble. They wouldn’t let me approach very close so long lenses were the order of the day. All worked out perfectly fine and the client was pleased. I’ve not heard off HRH as yet though!








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