May 25

Winter Hill

It’s not a place I visit often although it’s only a couple of miles or so from home. Winter Hill, the areas highest summit is crowned by a number of transmission masts, one of which glows like a red spinal column at night. This large mast is my homecoming beacon. Whenever I’m returning from a trip south I know I’m home when I see the vertical line of red dots climbing into the night sky. It’s visible from way over on the M6 perhaps thirty minutes before I get home.

This relationship, which has developed over many decades, prompted me to ponder on the subject of beauty during my walk among the masts, a web of thoughts which may manifest into a piece of writing over on The Call of The Muse soon. I’m not often drawn to such manmade structures, they would usually not fit with my own concept of beauty. However I sense my definition of this elusive, evocative word is changing to encompass such vistas.

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  1. I took the time to look at your posts for the past few months. I like the series approach. I realize that a series is most successful when the images are processed the same, creating unity.
    I think your photos of Skye are my favorites, but I also like this series. I often want to photograph the ordinary things I see daily, and this post is an encouragement.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to review my work Anita, I appreciate your comments. I do like the series approach and agree that a commonality of process helps a set of work to fit together. It’s not always easy though as you’ll see with the first two of my Skye pieces! Sometimes a search for the one showcase image can really limit our creative options and working in projects and creating bodies of work can open up new avenues of thought and approach.

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