April 15

Visiting Gursky

I don’t often make it down to London however my recent two day trip has inspired me to travel south much more regularly.

The more I step out of my own bubble of creativity and inspiration the more I realise there’s a huge overflow of creative ideas just waiting to be incubated. No new projects have emerged as yet from this trip but I know that the nine photography galleries I visited have nurtured some deep aspect of me.

The ramifications of exposing myself to works ranging from huge Gursky vistas to tiny Japanese wabi-sabi pieces are going to be interesting to say the least.

As is often the case I failed to resist the temptation to purchase yet another book and so far have only got to page seven of ‘Why it does not have to be in focus‘. This quote stopped me in my tracks: “Photography is not simply an art form but is one of such shape-shifting variety that it is possibly the most important art form of our time.”

Here’s a few shots of folk enjoying, being challenged by and having lightbulb moments in the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, South Bank.

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