April 2

The Valley

It’s tangled, but it’s mine! Behind our home is a small, narrow valley which is always quiet. In fact I’ve spent whole days down there and not encountered a single other person. So this is to become my place as we lockdown.

As my other photography projects come to a temporary halt I’m going to find my focus in The Valley. Abbysinnia as the old locals call it. It’s a melancholic place, heavy with sad stories but with an underlying ambience of support.

I thought my project here was to be called ‘Emergence’ but I’m not feeling it. ‘Transition’? No. After a couple of hours walking the valley I sensed a feeling of Flow. So that’s it.

It’s probably going to be a large body of work as I explore the thoughts of flow in as many ways as possible and the valley will be a regular feature in this Journal for quite a while now.

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