April 6

Flow 1

My lockdown project in the valley behind our home got started for real today. These images are nothing to write home about as I’m just beginning to get my feet under the table here. It’ll take a while.

My method here is to go down the valley with various bits of my kit and ponder on flow. Today I was blocked so I focused on that! And not surprisingly I got myself lost in the flow.

This small collection were caught with a single camera and lens, all handheld and processed very simply in Lightroom to maintain the truth of what I saw here. Future visits will be more experimental but I’m taking my time about it.

The one thing I’m trying to take from this lockdown is a new way of being. I want to give more of my best hours of the day to my creative ventures be they writing, photography, film making or book creation. Let’s see if I can build a habit that will stick around for a while.

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