January 12

The Blood, Skin and Bones of the Land

I'd already begun to experiment with the moving image before Blood, Skin and Bones. But this project, commissioned by Windermere Reflections back in the day gave me an opportunity to have total free reign to create something that was purely conceptual.

The brief was open, the only guidance being to produce something visual that reflected aspects of the Windermere catchment area. I explored the various options and decided to use video rather than still imagery. After a couple of days wandering around the landscape that fed into the huge lake I came up with the idea to portray the waters, woodlands and fells.

I had been influenced by a new album I'd acquired, Dartmoor Symphony by Nigel Shaw of Seventh Wave Music and promptly contacted him for permission to use his pieces as the accompaniment to my film. He agreed, and here's a link to the beautiful score should you want to own it. I chose The Blood, Skin and Bones of the Land as the overarching title and committed to shoot all the video during the month of November.

The shoots were not without their challenges, in particular the sequence high up in the mountains in unexpected inclement weather but the results pleased me. The three short films, Water, Wood and Stone have not really had a public airing since their commissioning well over a decade ago so I thought it was high time I shared them here. And I had a prompt from a viewer who enjoyed 'Stone'!

In many ways this was the beginning of my Earthlight films journey although I didn't know it back then. The quality makes me cringe! I'm a much better film maker now but for a newbie cutting his teeth on new tech and technique the films aren't all that bad. And for those who want to experience 45 minutes or so of Windermere on the cusp of winter the set is probably a worthwhile watch.

The Blood of Windermere - Water

The Skin of Windermere - Woodland

The Bones of Windermere - Stone

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  1. Loverly sounds from the music with water. I’ve been feeling rather disconnected, your video has given me hope.

  2. “Probably a worthwhile watch”, you say, Jason. No probably about it; I thoroughly enjoyed watching all three films. You’ve captured such clarity of detail I felt I could reach out and touch the twisted moss-covered trees. A very worthwhile watch. Thank you for sharing. πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΏπŸ’š

  3. What can l say about these three videos, loved them all, very relaxing. The mixture of still images and videos in The Water. The way one image merges into the next in The Skin. Good image of a face in the bark at 8.34. Some of my favourite scenery in The Stone. Love the lichen forest at 5.28 which brings out a face in the rock at 5.50. Looks like you were up in the Langdales during that inclement weather. Sure l recognised Pavey Ark and the dome of Pike o’ Stickle with view to the Scafells, the sacred mother mountains of the Lake District. Well , l think so and maybe our ancestors did too. Thank you for sharing your work πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for this Jennifer. I appreciate your considered response that shared your experience of the films. Yes, I was up in the Langdales, not that I really knew it at the time! I kind of stumbled upon them.

  4. Oh my word.
    You are a very talented man, Jason.
    I loved watching all three of the films.
    Absolutely stunning images. I love how they merged into each other, I was mesmerised watching them..
    The music compliments your work perfectly.
    Thank you for sharing.

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