February 13

Murmuration attack

Waiting to watch the murmuration I had no idea of the spectacle about to unfold in front of my lens. As the light began to fade five birds of prey harried the Starlings with a pair of Peregrines being the main threat of course.

I'm not sure if Buzzards or Marsh Harriers would really have much interest in the huge flock, perhaps they were just there to enjoy the sport!

The high drama lasted a matter of minutes with the murmuration staying low until they simultaneously sought refuge in the reedbeds of Leighton Moss.

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  1. Jason, this is akin to watching the Northern Lights; all you can do is stand in awe and say, “Wow.” I’d love to see this in person some day.

    1. It is a beautiful thing to witness isn’t it. I hope you get to see it in person at some point. The murmurations will soon stop as the Starlings will be returning to their home country soon but it’ll all begin again late this year.

  2. Absolutely stunning and fab music to go with the film. How amazing that you caught this on film. I could watch it over and over. As ever, Jason, I honour your patience

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