December 11

Slowly getting there…

My journey to create a bespoke Japanese style book of my upcoming work seems to be bearing fruit. This particular piece is perhaps closer to a successful attempt than my previous ones.

The haibun is a Japanese discipline of writing which pairs a few lines of sparse prose with a haiku. Each complement each other rather than mirror the same thoughts. I am of course adding a photographic element to this which owes more than a passing nod to the Haigi style of work - a haiku with an accompanying piece or artwork. This would usually be a pen and ink sketch in the Japanese tradition.

As I continue to refine my language I'm soon to commence learning how to implement Japanese stab binding in my book making work. My goal is to show a completed bound piece of work by the end of March.

Dawn mist risen.

Grey clouds swamp the bay, stealthily replacing the metallic sheen with a flat mat palette. Waterfowl that once grazed through razor sharp flashes now slumber in a floating mire. All sound fades as the tide peaks. Ripples that wove a yarn of teal and blue tweeds distill to a baize of monochromatic anaemia. Morning mists stolen, replaced by declarified dawn light. December at its most dismal.

Wet rocks hold the bay
bare branches frame dull skies.
Ducks laugh and gossip.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    I’m intrigued about your new venture with a Japanese flavour, as l love Japanese art and poetry. I myself am a 5th Dan Japanese Calligrapher ( l studied it for 7 years in Belgium) and I just love how looking at the different styles of Japanese Calligraphy can affect the mind and body through the eyes.
    I think your sensitive and unique style of photography will add to your poetry in the same way.

    Looking forward to it.
    Best regards, Linda.

    1. Hi Linda,
      thank you for this. And wow! What an achievement for you. Do you still create pieces using the Japanese influences? Thank you again for your kind comments.

  2. There is something about this grey blue palette with its hints of blush peach the really hums with my soul like a blue lace agate crystal. You have brought a sense of the stillness of Winter here for me. Thank you.

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