December 7

Rock and Roil

One of my current projects involves an exploration of a number of Japanese creative disciplines. A Haibun is a particular style of delivery that incorporates a piece of sparse prose with a Haiku. This needs to be written in the present tense and ideally the Haiku adds to the emotion of the scene painted by the words.

I'm also adding a Haiga, or an image created in the Haiku style, which has an accompanying Haiku. It's all a bit complicated to be honest! But I'm sticking with it.

My plan is to sharpen my writing skills and to master Japanese stab binding so that I can create a bespoke book that will hold thirty of so of these stories. My deadline is the end of March. Watch this space to see how I do.

Here's today's offering:

Rock and Roil

Limestone boulders endarkened by rain, glistening through their drizzle drapery, crowd skeletal Sycamores. Gnarly Hawthorns cling to crevices, low slung against westerlies that pour in from the Bay. A tumble of ancients reveal the core of this land, revelling in the weathering storm that lurks and lopes out at sea.

Clints and grykes hold sway
watching distant snowflakes fall
on Cumbrian siblings.

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    1. It was quite an amazing place to hang out Jennifer. The wet, windy weather really brought the rocks to life. As you note, the weather and nature sculpted them, so to see them in these conditions was perfect.

  1. Such atmosphere! The prose wonderfully evokes the cold, wet mizzling weather of the dales in the dark of the year and sets off the photograph like a casket around a jewel. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Fiona. You sum up my intention perfectly as I try to create prose that complements rather than merely repeating the content of the image.

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