December 16

Shooting Low

Today’s dull drizzly weather was perfect. The still damp air that clung to every element of life made it for me.

Moss Erotica is here, fully motivated, having its own mind… in short this project has reached that place where it claims me.

I’ll continue sharing some of the images I’m being gifted by the countryside however the majority of the images will not see light of day until they are printed in a small, limited edition book. If you’d like to know when the book is available please enter your details in the panel on the right.

For now, here are a few dark, dank shots from the dark, damp corners.










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  1. Hi Jason,
    Very nice photo’s, I am wondering where this will take you as you get deeper into it.
    I also like the square format – I think it fits perfectly.

    1. Thank you John,
      yes it’s turning into quite an interesting small project which will probably see me through the winter. I’m already thinking it may need to be revisited next winter too. I’m exploring techniques that aren’t my usual, not anyones ‘usual’ really!
      The square format is a winner for me with these shots. The dynamism of the square helps impart energy into the rather more static subjects.
      There could well be a Moss Erotica Macro Workshop on the back of this in March or thereabouts, and it’ll need to delve much deeper than mere methodology and equipment.

    1. Just a small self published one Michelle. But it will be out there which is more than can be said for the e-course I’m still working on!
      So glad you love the work too. I’m heading in ‘interesting’ directions creatively at the moment. xx

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