February 5

Norber Erratics.

Leaving home with a brightening morning sun I thought I was in for a blue sky day which would have been less than ideal for my hopes for my chosen location.

However a mist soon descended and enveloped the glacier boulders in more atmosphere than I knew what to do with. It didn’t last long so I had to work fast and due to this I left many shots behind, however it was a very successful 3 hours.

The images in the gallery have had nothing more than a generic kiss of Lightroom including a conversion to monochrome and a slight duotone treatment (warm highlight and cold shadows). None have been individually tweaked as yet, I’ll save that for the project development.

I know there are shots left to be taken here and plan to visit in the frost and the rain over the coming weeks. Freezing fog would be awesome but perhaps too much to ask for!

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  1. Very atmospheric images Jason. Just one sheep almost disappearing into the mist.
    Given me the inspiration to get out with my camera

    1. Thank you Linda. Yes I was surprised to see the sheep and took my chance to immortalise it! I was very lucky with the mist wasn’t I. Glad you found the work inspirational.

  2. Wow! These are incredible Jason.
    I’ve just joined a painting class having never painted since childhood.
    I few weeks ago we tried charcoal. I loved this medium. May I use some of your photos for practice!?

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for your kind comment. It’s great to hear that you are rediscovering the joy of your art and I wish you well with this. Please do use my photos for practise, I hope they help you further progress your craft.

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