January 15

Final location scouting for Homestead

Shooting for projects isn’t all about the final image for me. I find there’s a real process that has to be followed before it begins to come together.

This morning I visited the final half dozen possible locations that will become the anchor points for my Homestead project. These were primarily the outliers. Those ruined farmsteads on the fringes of Anglezarke which possibly won’t make the final cut.

There are some that I really want to include such as Solomon’s Temple and Calico Hall yet I know that I’m drawn to them purely for their names. They don’t really fit well in my newly conceived Homestead. So I need to let go of them. And it’s possibly goodbye to the old, ruined farm over the far side of Great Hill too, Pimm’s. A visit to the local library will decide this soon.

The day was blue with good light, the ground was bog, my route was 18 km of wet feet and aching legs as I spent most of the day trudging over open moor sans footpaths.

However I did manage to find some great viewpoints which will be put in the mix as I progress this body of work over the coming months.

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