November 16

Kent woodland

During an autumnal visit to Kent we decided to focus on the woodlands which are totally different beasts to our Northern varieties!

The first woodland here is predominantly sweet chestnut with a strong population of hornbeams.

We also paid a visit to Britain’s largest oak tree, or at least the largest with a single trunk. It’s in a private garden so permission needed to be sought from the elderly lady who was very happy to show off the old chap!

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  1. Magnificent oak. You have produced a superb visual journal of my stomping ground. I will need to investigate that wonderful oak, and perhaps try to get to photograph it too. We are blessed, every year, in Kent with wonderful photo opportunities in autumn.

    1. Thank you Lawrie, it is rather a gorgeous tree. If you should want to know how to find it email me and I’ll send you the details.

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