October 31

Cloud drama and lonely trees

Ingleborough from Twistleton

The clouds began to roll in as soon as I arrived in the desolate stony landscape. Right from the start I knew it was to be a day of monochrome. Ingleborough rose above the valley and was skirted by layers of limestone ramparts that appeared to guard access to the summit.

I never made it to the top, in fact I got no where near on this particular day my goal being to capture Ingleborough in his landscape. The clouds were an added bonus!


Stunted trees and bushes are something of a signature of this area especially when you reach for the higher places. Hawthorn seemed to dominate, craggy and ancient like the limestone they grew from. I was chasing simple shots that would hopefully depict the majesty of the place and capture the brutal rawness of these fells.

All of the shots were created using a tripod and nd graduated filters to hold back the skies, the slow approach helped me make sense of what I was feeling here.

Ingleborough and elder

During the whole of my time the sun never really shone on Ingleborough, I waited in vain for some illumination but the best I got was mere glimmers of light grazing the summit and glancing off the slopes. Monochrome processing helped me to make the most of them.

Ingleborough from TwistletonAs the day neared its end I hurridly climbed the opposite fell, Twistleton Scar, aware that something was happening around the summit. A bank of clouds was slowly swirling around and appeared to be spiraling from the very top of Ingleborough. I headed for the top of the scar and used the old hawthorn tree to hold the space.

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