March 14

One that got away

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out no matter how much time is invested in the piece. This image is a case in point.

A practise shot for my Nightfalls project it’s of a small waterfall in a local valley which needed a two hour exposure. I knew when I set up that it wasn’t exactly going to float my boat but I’d gone to the trouble of getting to the location, setting up on a steep slope and waiting until nightfall.

The main issue was the regular passage of cars on a nearby lane the headlights of which lit up the tops of the trees so I had to be really on the ball during the whole exposure and cover the lens as soon as a car approached.

I had to cut the exposure short when I realised some lads were thinking of breaking into my car which was parked a hundred yards or so away.

A less than perfect evening shoot – still I took some good lessons from the experience.

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