November 7

Lytham prom


This morning I went to Lytham.

When I left home in the pitch darkness and driving rain I wasn’t really looking forward to my chosen location and in reality could only spend 90 minutes or so there. All the shots were tripod supported due to the low light levels but that’s the way I like to work.

It’s a quiet Victorian seaside town that’s quite prim and proper. Most definitely not my usual place to play out. However I feel a new project birthing this week, one that will bring its own challenges and learnings for me, and this was me dipping my toes in, staking my place, putting my mark in the sand. Telling myself that yes, I am going to do it even though it may be ten years before the project is fully complete. The above is my first shot. My next stop for the project is Neston on the Wirral Peninsula.

I surprised myself by including people, albeit blurry ones!

The results excite me, especially in monochrome. Below are the rest of the images, as you can see I spent much of my time on the wooden jetty. Click here to see a gallery of large versions + some extras.









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