November 23

Cloudscape timelapse

As part of my prep for my presentation to Windermere Reflections on the 3rd of December I’ve created this timelapse of images from yesterday. There’s 300 raw files imbedded in that short movie! I’m hoping to be able to devote more effort to time lapse photography over the coming months and look forward to combining movement into the sequences via my Glidetrack system.

If playback is a bit jittery press the HD button to revert it to Standard Definition or simply pause play and wait for it to load properly.

My presentation is taking place on the first floor of Esquires cafe in Ambleside at 6:30pm prompt and is an hour long. Entry is free so come along and enjoy the show if you can.

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    1. Thank you Karen. Yes it takes quite a few images to craft a time-lapse sequence. Depending on the frame rate it is usually about 25 images per second.

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