March 3

Beach Monochromes


There’s been a welcome resurgence in monochrome photography recently, perhaps due to the increasing interest in home processing of photographs with affordable software packages such as Adobe Lightroom. I’ve added a new twist to this and decided to play with the square format too.

Once you begin to ‘see’ in black and white it becomes easy to envision a photograph from a scene which would appear rather bland in full colour. Dull dreary days become powerfully dramatic and graphic. Here are a few shots taken yesterday on a wet drizzly day during a fleeting visit to the beach at Formby. The tide was pressing right up against the dunes, the light was flat and the sea dirty with sand.

Once I got these files back home I was able to craft these gritty monochromes within a few minutes. Most are not strictly black and white as you will see, they have a soft yellow and blue cast. Monochrome conversion is one of the many topics I’ll be covering on our Image Editing Workshop day on the 29th of March. If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating aspect of photography come along, there are still places available. Click here to book your place.





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