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Skye – Artists Statement

Back in the 1990’s I became known among my London clientele as their local Scottish photographer! I’m not sure why this was but, as I always enjoyed a trip north I never questioned it. Maybe it was because no one further north than me ever trawled around London with their portfolio. Maybe they thought Lancashire was next door! Who knows!

However, I got to make regular trips to the mighty landscapes and visited Skye on at least four occasions. On my last trip there, some 25 or so years ago, I stood on a remote beach after doing a garden shoot for Woman and Home magazine and promised that I would return for my own purposes one day. That day came in February this year (2019).

It was something of a personal pilgrimage as I sought permission (from myself) to spend an extended time shooting for me and despite the rain I learned lots from the trip. Many of the images you see below are spotted with rain. I couldn’t keep my front element clear. At Elgol I could work effectively with the rain behind me. At the Fairy Pools it was vertical rain and so quite easy to manage. However my time at the Old Man of Storr was challenging to say the least. I spent at least five hours there, the massive column hiding in mists for much of the time.

The rain was driven by a constant wind that circled and eddied in every direction, soaking me to the skin and spotting the front element of my lens as soon as I removed the cap. However I’d made the effort so I persevered. I tried to produce colour versions of the image but they appear too dull. Monochrome proved to be the only way to go.

So I present here numerous shots from four locations on Skye. The first is a loch on the road to Elgol. I had the locations very much to myself during my visit thanks to the weather. Will I return? I think so, one day. In the meantime I’ve so much to do around my own neck of the woods.

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