Moss Erotica

Following a lifelong fascination with the smaller things of the natural world it was an expected progression to find me turning my attention to the world of mosses. The Moss Erotica project aims to show the deep beauty of these simple plants and is becoming more focused as time moves on.
My hope is to explore the intricately woven life of these beings, to show the unique ways they contribute to their environment, their place in the bigger world and perhaps even visit some community lessons as I nose my way through the ravines and cliff-sides of their micro habitat.
It has become evident that this is going to be a multi-part project. My original vision was far too simple, short-sighted and broad-ranging to do the subject justice.
This initial set of images depicts the way the project has moved on. So far I’ve worked primarily in one woodland, however I need to spread my wings to find the whole story and have earmarked locations in Cumbria and Snowdonia for future encounters.

Moss Erotica Volume One

I now realise that this project isn't going to come to an end, which in itself isn't a good thing. Bodies of work that don't complete have a habit of never having an outcome that can be shared, over and above the process.

So I've decided to make this an annual thing, with a new set of images being released every year or so. Each set as a standalone set with a portfolio book and heirloom set.

Also my brief has become more focused now, or maybe it's broadened in scope... I can't quite decide. Moss Erotica started off as a set of images striving to show the sensuality of moss, however it's now morphed into a more 'out there' concept of images that moss would find erotic! or maybe that should be 'could' find erotic. Porn for Moss even!

Moss Erotica Volume Two

Below is my second set that perhaps illustrates the transition to a more conceptual approach. I never wanted this to be just another set of images that show moss. I want more. This set perhaps shows where I'm heading and I look forward to what Moss Erotica Volume Three will bring.