Hound Tor

Hound Tor

In February 2019 I attended a weekend workshop by mythologist Dr Martin Shaw and took the opportunity to arrive early and stay a day late so that I could explore the landscape a little. It’s not somewhere I get to very often at all, and usually I have to return back up north quickly

On this occasion I did manage to establish a connection with the old place and decided to limit myself to working in just one small location – Hound Tor. It worked out well for me and I applied the lessons learned from my Skye trip where I rushed about like the proverbial blue bottomed fly!

Staying in one place for half a day gave me some telling images which I’ve chosen to portray in monochrome. I’m currently refining the shots ready for publication in a photo book.

Update August 2019 - The images are now published in a limited edition handmade concertina book 'Hundatora' which will soon be available for purchase.