Unique, original, one off pieces of photographic art


I always find the pricing of photographic prints to be difficult.

On the one hand I need to know that my work is valued and that I get a fair exchange for the time and expertise I invest in creating the works. However I’m also keen not to make my work unaffordable, after all my mission is to get my work seen and enjoyed by as many folk as possible to help with the great and necessary work of reconnecting us to nature and our planet. So I’m going to play with prices, edition runs and open editions for a while to see where it takes me.

To begin with I have a couple of one off images available. Once the print is delivered I will destroy the original file thereby ensuring that no other copies of that piece will ever be printed or published again. The two prints are made of several images and textures overlaid to convey the essence of the place, the spirit of the place. Both are woodland scenes and are available exclusively from Artfinder. Just click on the images to visit the relevant gallery page. Be sure to check them out, I think you may be surprised at the prices. The images will be printed by myself using the very best papers and inks. If you have any queries please email me.


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