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For me, a photograph does not come truly alive until it is made physical, whether that’s in a book, a magazine or a print which can be enjoyed daily. Over the past couple of years, since the inception of my Outland project in fact, I’ve rediscovered the joy of seeing a print roll out of the printer after spending a quiet hour or two bringing my original vision to life from the digital negative.

The whole process isn’t that far removed from the thrill and connection felt when working with a traditional ‘wet’ process in the black and white darkrooms of my early photographic career. Perhaps at some point I will relinquish some of my printing to a specialist and I have discovered a handful of folk who I would absolutely trust with my work, but for now I am going to continue being selfish and print my pieces myself

I’ve now spent sufficient time brushing up my printing skills and have got a satisfyingly heavy box of prints of my own, gleaned from the many hundreds of thousands of images archived away on hard-drives and ‘cloud’ systems. The walls of our small cottage are suitably festooned with an embarrassing number of my own creations too!

So it is time to begin making some of my images available for acquisition. I want them to bring the spirit of nature and our land into homes beyond my own. After all, this is what visual storytelling is all about – and I don’t want to spend any longer talking to myself and relying on social media to share my photos.

My Print Collection

Fine Art Printing

I put a lot of time into my photography. Behind every apparently simple shot can be many tens of hours of failed attempts, research visits, trials and tribulations until conditions conspire with my own mindset and enable me to portray the vision in front of me and my lens. So it fits of course that I spend time to ensure the final manifestation of this work is of a quality that I’m happy with. Hence my use of the giclee printing process which involves only the best papers made from the finest organic materials including cotton, bamboo or silk along with textured watercolour papers.

Paired with archival quality, colour matched pigments which lay down the image this process ensures the final print authentically captures what I want to share. Plus, if treated well, the prints will last a lifetime or two before they begin to show even the slightest sign of fading or colour change which is more than can be said for more traditional art media!

My Pricing Structure

After much consideration, backwards and forwards, I’ve decided upon a pricing structure which will enable me to deliver the quality I want without unnecessary restrictions. I’m going to stick with two basic sizes, although some images will have other options. Larger sizes are available on request.
(Prices are exclusive of post and packaging which will be added at checkout)

Fine Art Prints
This is the size of the print and includes a white signature border which extends around the image.
16″ x 12″ (12″ x 12″ for square images) – £70
20″ x 16″ (16″ x 16″ for square images) – £95

Ordering Your Fine Art Print

Simply browse through the gallery and select your print.
Click on the buy button and enter your details as requested.
Each print is made to order and delivery can take up to 14 days depending on my workload and availability. If you need delivery by a particular date please email me.
Post and packaging will be added at the checkout.
Prints will be signed in pencil on the front unless you request otherwise.

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