Outland – the Wirral Peninsula
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I began the journey at the Welsh border, the place where Wales and England meet, just below the Wirral. It was an inauspicious November morning. As I arrived at what the map told me was the nearest access point to the actual border I couldn’t help feel pangs of doubt cutting into me. The day was drab, my mood was of the same mind and I felt wholly uninspired by the place where I was to spend day one.  
It took many days, many challenging visits to break through the feeling that I would be better off spending my time elsewhere, chasing the light, chasing the money, chasing the next mortgage payment. But I persevered and settled into an uneasy truce of drive along, walk a few miles, walk back, drive along… repeat again and again.  
The landscape here was uneasy company, especially on the ‘inside leg’ of the peninsula, across the mouth of the Mersey from Liverpool. Refineries, chemical plants and more blocked me and what avenues of access I found led invariably to the sort of urban areas that I don’t normally find myself in. At least not with a whole gamut of pricey camera kit on my back.  
It took me a few weeks to circumnavigate the Wirral and there were many highlights as well as lowlights which set me up well for the venture up the Liverpool coastline.
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