Outland – West Cumbria
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I was now very much in unknown territory. The western coastline of Cumbria is a mystery to me as I suspect it is to many others who play out in the interior of the Lake District. Some of the beaches could rival the west coast of Scotland, many were overshadowed by a history of industry and abuse.

Here I found manmade cliffs, ruined pit heads, abandoned homes and isolated coves. Here I found some of my best shots perhaps driven by the newness of the place. Rock Erotica in the shadow of St Bees and the most tempestuous harbours I’ve visited in a long time. Coastal dragons and hidden dungeons.

Again the weather was interesting to say the least as winter approached and I neared my twelve months of wandering mark. Initially I’d hoped and planned to complete the trip within a year but I made the decision as I stood on the rocks below Harrington to let it breath a little. I would press on. Next the Solway coastline of northwest Cumbria. Another unknown to me.

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