Outland – Cumbrian Solway
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Here I was in the home straight. I’d had a couple of weeks off as severe floods were causing chaos to locals on this part of the coastline and I didn’t want to add to the problems. As winter turned bitter I walked the plains and mudflats of the southern Solway coast with views of Scotland across the waters.

It was a peaceful end to the project. Easy walks and endless beaches that did however begin to merge into one. In some places it was difficult to take a shot any different from the ones I’d taken five miles west. I found some gems too.

My body had become attuned to the rhythm of the sea. I knew when the tides wound change and no longer needed to rely on the tables. My inner clock had been reset to the sway of the ocean and I felt claimed by the coast by now. It was with an element of sadness that I reached the end of my line. I felt I’d become invisible to that which is normal, that only the sea could now really see me. So I took a ghostly self portrait as I stood on the border of Scotland, alongside the sign that tells me that Scotland welcomes me at Gretna.

I returned home. Changed. Forever locked to the ebb and flow of this landscape

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