Outland – Liverpool and the Fylde
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I began this leg of the trip at Hale lighthouse and slowly picked my way through Liverpool Docks and up to the more familiar landscapes of the Fylde Coast. I was quite looking forward to my time in the docklands but found it strangely uninspiring and I journeyed through in a flash, just two days. I’m not sure why that was, it’s just how it was.

At one point I noticed what looked like an interesting place according to Google Earth. Just to the east of Liverpool I spotted what appeared to be the wreck of an old shop but in truth ended up being no more than a line of wrecked shipping containers. I picked my way through some badlands and gingerly felt my way through the darkness of the containers to find a closed in area of wasteland. It was only on my way back that I saw the group of wasted young men stoned in the dark depths of the rusting metal boxes. One of the most hair raising moments of the entire project, equal to the chasings of the tide in the temperamental Bay of Morecambe to be encountered in a few months time.

Soon I stumbled upon the Anthony Gormley statues.

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