Night Magic at Castlerigg

Castlerigg is one of those magical places. The kind of place that draws folk in. A place to spiral around the country lanes to and to stand in the middle of mountains with.

Our ancestors no doubt made good use of this place too. Stone circles had a very real purpose and still hold that energy now, if we but seek it.

Castlerigg stone circle, on the outskirts of Keswick and overlooking Borrowdale Valley sits strong and bold amidst the mountains. Crows circle and caw in the morning light and hares bound through the boulders.

I’ve visited and photographed the stone circle on numerous occasions over the years, and created some good work there. However there was something about this visit that I knew would be even more special.

Rain forced me inland, away from my coastal project and as darkness fell I arrived at Castlerigg. It hadn’t been the best of days and I really needed to give myself an creative boost so I decided to hang around and see what I could find here when the day had vanished.

I took several shots as the circle disappeared into the landscape, working my way around the stones, willing them to cooperate with me and they did. At least I got interesting shots.

And then it was pitch black. The velvet dark crept up on me as I waited for each long exposure to end until I couldn’t see my camera. For this, my final exposure, I composed by balancing a torch on the far left stone and then composing the shot so that I could see the glow in the left of my camera viewfinder. Next I moved the torch to the far right stone and repeated the task thereby ensuring that, if nothing else, I’d got the fullness of the circle in the frame.

I reclaimed my torch and took a deep breath, knowing that if I pressed the shutter button I’d be committed to stand there for over an hour as the indiscernible light did its work. I would have to stay alert and physically block any car headlights from coming into frame. So, I pressed the shutter button and stayed rooted to the spot.

Strange things happen when you are very alone, very still and very quiet in the deep darkness of night. Even stranger things happen when that place is a sacred, ancient site. That’s a tale for another day maybe. Perhaps you can see the magic in the shot? Can you see the oldness of the place?

full-imageDeep Night Photography has an uncanny knack of revealing stuff which isn’t normally seen. If you know Castlerigg and see this picture you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I’m offering two versions of this image, both very limited editions. Ten A2 prints are being made available. That’s 23″ by 16 1/2″, including a white border. These prints can be cropped to 20″ x 16″ if preferred. To accompany this edition I’m also creating fifty 16″ x 12″ prints, again with a white border.

Each image will be printed by me, to order, on 100% cotton Matt Fine Art Paper using archival pigments to ensure museum quality longevity, nothing less. If displayed in the right conditions the prints will not show any signs of fading until sometime next century, or later.

The prints will be carefully signed and numbered by me before being packed gently in a stout tube ready for a safe and swift delivery to your door.

What’s more, I’m launching this image with a very special offer. Be one of the first five to purchase one of the A2 prints and enjoy a huge discount, but only if you buy before noon on the 22nd of December 2015, just in time for Christmas delivery with a bit of luck!

The ten large prints are reduced from £140 to just £90 until noon on the 22/12/15. The 16″ x 12″ prints cost £60. Added onto this is £10 for packaging and posting via special delivery to the UK. If you’re buying from elsewhere please contact me for postage costs.

Also, if you prefer not to use Paypal I can take payment over the phone via card, or by bank transfer. Email me for details.


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