Japanese Gardens

Friday night was rather chilly and occasionally damp as a fine drizzle swept off the nearby Rivington Moors. However we had the Japanese Gardens to ourselves and stayed at the location creating images until the light failed.

The gardens, constructed my Lord Lever, have stood derelict for decades, ever since his bungalow was torched by suffragettes. They must have been magnificent in their heyday. Now they exude a different kind of beauty, of reclamation by nature and of mystery.

During our workshop we explored several of the crumbling follies and a couple of the lakes, crafting abstracts from the subtle tones of stone amidst the spring greenery.

Unencumbered by tripods we slowly explored our options, learning how to strip shots back to the bare minimum in order to best tell the story of our evening.

This is most certainly a workshop I’ll run again, perhaps later in the summer. If you’d like to come along be sure to enter your details in the box top right to be kept up to date.

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