February 7

Heptonstall Old Church take 2

This was my second, and first serious, project visit to the old church in pursuit of my Echoes of Elmet project and, although the day was not what I wanted, I did manage to capture one shot that goes some way to meeting my criteria.

This really needs to be a gritty scene with hints of decay and raw, desolate power in order for it to convey the essence of my chosen Ted Hughes poem. Full sun, blue sky and snow was not my idea but I chose to work with it rather than abandon the shoot. Once I got familiar with the place and settled into the pace of the location I found my time there fulfilling and found the shot I wanted right at the end of my time, the very last frame in fact.

Rendered in monochrome which is my chosen style for this project, I’ve opted for a square crop which I may or may not adopt for the rest of the project.

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