This is a rapidly evolving collection of galleries which holds an authentic and real life view of my journey as a photographer over the most recent part of my vocation.

Although I have many hundreds of thousands of images in my archives I’m choosing to only share those taken primarily for personal projects here. For me, personal work has become something of a holy grail and represents a stepping back into the creativity that nurtured me when I first became gripped by the process of photography as a young boy.

These galleries contain quite random sets of images, as opposed to my ‘project’ page where you’ll find more cohesive bodies of work. Showing my single pieces, and visual meanderings feels quite revealing however I think it’s the best way to illustrate and document my own pathway through this visual art.

This is NOT a polished set of work. Many of the images here are uploaded soon after shooting and with only the lightest kiss of post processing. Take them as they are, see my dead ends and my revelations as I lay them bare here.

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