December 1

A morning at Jack Scout

From a quick wander along the coast from Jack Scout to Jenny Brown's Point.

Falcon flies over mudflats.

Frost rimed ferns etch chaos sigils on Jack Scout, backlit by a low winter sun. Tendrils craft fractals born of a fierce cold night. Above, owning a Hawthorn, the crow caws her grizzly sonnet to a waking world.

A slim weather front of Redshank parades the ephemeral edge where the incoming tide awakens the feast beneath the mudflats. A black arrow, a Peregrine, hugs the contours of coast and rock. Powering a trail through the still silent air she rouses a bow wave of waders. Hunger seethes in this landscape.

Steel hard sky above
soft mud channeled by tidal flow.
Falcon struck wader falls.

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